Who is best for the Commander-in-Chief position?

In Matt Lauer’s forum on September 7, 2016, Hillary Clinton showed her true colors. She is exhausted. She lied again about the emails. She refused to take responsibility. She blames everyone else. She has convinced herself she has the election. Imagine the FBI Director James Comey did not hold her accountable, therefore Hillary decided she is right with the law while she puts herself above it.

Donald J. Trump is reliable. He has put himself totally in the hands of the people who believe in him as their voice, the American people. He brings confidence, self-reliance, focus and true dedication. At 70 years old, he shows all of us life is about taking action, being responsible and winning. Donald J. Trump is your voice as the 21st century change agent.

Get out and spread the good news about Donald J. Trump’s triumph in the Commander-in-Chief forum.
Donald J. Trump is ready for the Commander-in-Chief position.

Get out and #VoteTrumpNov8.

Make America Great Again.

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