Certainly, our vision was given to us from the Lord, the Almighty, the one true God.

About two months before Donald J Trump announced his candidacy, Audrey Johnson Scheper was found with a brainchild: Marching about in public like a caped crusader, declaring “Vote Trump, Vote Trump.” This appears to have been a prophetic insight.

Our paths crossed an avid political opposition researcher, who contracted with us to make videos and websites, “Hillary’s Conspiracy”. He schooled us in such amazing facts, about George Soros, the New World Order, and Hillary Clinton’s role.

Audrey shared Trump support with everyone, preaching both to Trump supporters and opposition.

Along with another avid Trump Supporter, Tom, who drove about and prominently parked his TRUMP TRUCK, we manned the Orangeburg NY Trump Support Center, distributing Trump-Pence lawn signs.

Audrey used her interviewing talent to capture the opinions of many Trump Supporters and share them with her YouTube followers.

Having relocated to San Diego, we frequently visited THE WALL, to make our videos and prayers of support for President Donald J Trump from the furthermost southwest corner of the USA.

Now, having relocated to business-friendly Austin Texas, we pray to Keep Texas Red, and to Make America Like Texas, a Strong Godly Christian God Fearing Conservative, Republican not Rinos State.
Proverbs 12:22 “The Lord detests lying Lips, But He delights in men who are TRUTHFUL”.

Audrey and Glenn Johnson Scheper believe that the principles espoused by Donald J Trump will be the most profitable for America, and also are most in accord with Christian beliefs.