The Trump Job Report for May is full of confidence.

President Trump says and does what he promised.

Many people doubted our 45th President Donald J Trump about his promises, yet he continues to show us that he is not only the best president but he is the strong leader the country was looking for.

We know all things are possible and the good news is President Donald J Trump does not only have his dedicated Trump Supporters, our President Donald J Trump is continually gaining new followers among both young and old joining the Trump Support Community daily.

The Trump Job report released June 1, 2018, says it all. Believe it, yes the numbers are here and numbers tell.

Nearly a quarter million, 233,000 jobs were added by U.S. employers. This market is getting stronger and the unemployment is holding at 3.8% in May. This is the lowest level in 18 years. Jobs, Jobs Jobs! The Federal officials want to see wages go higher, yet they are worried about inflation.

Larry Kudlow, Director of the National Economic Council under President Donald J Trump said the job gains reflect that the U.S. has “entered into the longest prosperity in a couple of decades.”

Overall, President Donald J Trump is an American President who loves our country and is teaching us daily how to stay with it and not give up. This president works 24/7 non-stop. He is the best negotiator and he is fighting and staying strong for all Americans. Our president is asking for fairness for the American people.

Remember we are Americans, and our country is blessed by the Almighty God. We are inventors, we believe in honesty and new technology through applying our natural gifts and talent.

Thank you, President Trump, for a strong economy growing higher daily.

Unemployment is at a historic low for Hispanics and Black Americans. the lowest in a decade, 5.9 % for Black Americans and 4.9 % for Hispanics.

Positions are harder to fill for skilled workers and talent. Employers will have to pay more for these skills or use a recruiting agency: is a technology recruiting service company and we are strong Trump supporters.

Written by Audrey Johnson Scheper