The Trump economy is the best we have seen in a decade.

Ask yourself the following questions:

 – Where were you 7 years ago?

 – What were you doing years ago?

 – What has happened?

Today, we must give credit where credit is due. We asked for a businessman, someone to come in and shake things up:

 – Drain the Swamp

 – Be Transparent

 – Save America

 – Be a Leader

Hallelujah, we asked and we did receive. Some of us are not sure what happened but many are saying, Amen, we are grateful our prayers have been answered. The economy is booming, there is work flowing in America again. Many are getting off welfare and getting their self-esteem back, many are coming out of retirement and companies are paying employees bonuses, something we have not seen in a very long time.

Can we say a “Thank you” to our President Donald J Trump for the amazing work he is doing? A leader does not need the credit, however President Donald J Trump is not getting the respect and credit due to him. He is a unique leader, he is one that is a winner and a champion at the same time.

Trump Economy Facts:

 – President Trump is fulfilling his campaign promises to the American people.

 – He woke the American people up.

 – He brought your voice to life.

 – He is reminding all of us that we live in America, we are not a third world country, we are a country of law and order and values. 

 – The economy has grown 4.1 percent between April and June. 

Many people said that was impossible but our President Donald J Trump continues to persevere regardless of the Naysayers and the distractions every day with the various false information in the media.

Trump Supporters continue to surge and do not give up because each one saw the light in the tunnel and they began to believe and did not lose faith. Many leaders around the world began to respect America again.

We will continue to support President Donald J Trump and our growing economy.

Jobs in manufacturing are growing, jobs in technology are getting better each day.

Economist Arthur Laffer said the economy can go up higher. We have untapped resources and we can have more productivity.

As the United States creates new businesses for today and stays focused on the economy we will see we are booming.

We have the greatest job market in 52 years and American companies need to train people to do greater things.

We want to Keep America Great. We want to keep helping small companies with taxes and regulations.

Thank you President Donald J Trump for your loyalty to the American people, for keeping your promises and working for the American people.