We Trump Supporters are Joyful to be here in the 21st Century standing with our President Donald J Trump. The Trump Movement is Bigger than All of us. This is about three things that are obvious: 1. Religion, 2. Politics and 3. Algorithms.

Standing with Our President Donald J Trump means Dedication, Loyalty and Respect for the highest office in the United States of America.

President Trump has delivered on His Promises: 1. Return America’s Military to the Most Powerful in the world. 2. Reform the Department of Veterans Affairs. 3. Protect our Religious Freedom. 4. Raise tariffs on goods imported to America. 5. Stop Companies from leaving the US. 6. Reform the EPA. 7. Expand America’s energy sector. 8. Call on NATO members to pay their fair share to the alliance. 9. Appoint new Judges to the Supreme Court. 10. Limit Illegal Immigration. 11. Call off the Disastrous Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership. 12. Trump created a Robust Booming Economy. How many Presidents in your lifetime do you know with this amount of energy, courage and boldness? The only one I remember is President Ronald Reagan and he was a born winner.

President Trump is our Commander-In-Chief and with the Help of the Supernatural Being God our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus we Pray for him and will pray that Our Country the United States of America will continue to be a Praying Country and a Country where Freedom reigns.