We Must Save America!

Today, we were shopping at one of our favorite stores, Trader Joe’s.

Suddenly, we heard someone saying, “Can I take a picture with both of you for my parents.”

We said, Sure, then she said, I cannot do this because I am working and I do not want to get fired for doing this, but I want to bless my parents with your photo.  She said, “I do need my job, we pray that the owners or managers at Trader Joe’s will not fire her.

Glenn and I are grateful for staying the course, believing and knowing the best is yet to come driving around with our flags on our car and wearing our hats and Trump2020 garments are a reminder that God knows what is best and even though the outcome seems uncertain, we will ride it out believing and trusting our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.

A beautiful six-year-old girl was waving at me, I barely saw her because I was in a conversation with my husband while standing on the line to get into the store at Trader Joe’s, but her little hands kept waving. Together with the Help of our Savior we must hold on to our Faith and believe this is not over until we see the Truth revealed, we must stay strong. Think of the six-year old’s and all children and elderly who need our Love and encouragement. 

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