Virginia and West Virginia broke opposite in the 2020 Presidential contest, but data shows the fix was in for Biden in both states in all largest counties.

There is no magic meaning to the ‘X’ axis, except whatever metric by which I choose to order the plot to make it clear. In both these cases, I sorted the counties by increasing population, that is, increasing total votes cast in each county. Therefore the fattest width counties plotted to the right, and the tiny counties plotted to the left.

Even though these are not swing states, it must have been so easy that ‘they’ just flipped the BENEFIT BIDEN switch, so widely across the country, and so in-our-face, that I am disgusted and totally outraged. Look how algorithmic it looks: In the top plot, I see three ‘X’s in a row, all rising to the same +2.7% Boost-to-Biden with a corresponding -2.7% Theft-from-Trump. Then to the right, three of the largest counties all show about +2.1% and – 2.1%, and all of those + and – amounts are so symmetrical too! But in the same area, they did not dare to jerk around the three counties with very close races, sitting near the 50% line, although I see they did do that in West Virginia.

We have to pray that the ongoing legal and legislative battles and remedies will be effective and take place, despite the smokescreen presented by the MSM. (Did you see Biden labeled President-Elect on the cover of the Times? I heard that the US Congress actually sent him a letter to the effect he is NOT in fact the President-Elect.)


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