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This graph is the third of many analyses that I hope will help President Donald J Trump win the legal battles and the 2020 Presidential election that is rightfully his.

See where I have drawn black ‘X’s on the plot towards the right side?

These X’s mark all the localities (cities, townships, precincts, etc.) where Joe Biden received at least 2% MORE votes than the Democrat running for Senate and Donald J. Trump received at least 2% FEWER votes than the Republican running for Senate.

Can you even imagine that so many highly fired-up Republicans could have gone in to vote for their Republican Senator, and at the same time, selected Democrat Joe Biden for President?

No! Me neither!

Just taking together those SEVENTY ONE (71)) marked localities mean that 9,463 votes in Oakland County, Michigan were taken from Trump and given to Biden.

And looking at the plot, the green line (what I call the “BONUS TO BIDEN”) and orange line (“BONUS TO TRUMP”, however valleys below the fat centerline are “THEFT FROM TRUMP”); those two lines continue to stay apart looking to the left of the black ‘X’s that my program counted, which means that Donald J. Trump was defrauded of many more votes than I counted.

For symmetry, and fairness, I also would draw a white ‘X’ anywhere that the Trump Bonus was up 2% while the Biden Bonus was down 2%, but I find none at all in Wayne County, Michigan.

StopTheSteal !

This graph result describing the second largest county of Michigan looks just like the graph in my previous blog plot describing the election fraud in the first largest county on Michigan, Wayne County.

The program is Open Source, and is available here:

In that GitHub repository are the C# program file, and also the input data, the output PNG image shown above, and other outputs of CSV and LOG.

Just click the file “AnalysisOf…-tiny.png” to view the same image shown above in GitHub.

If GitHub is new to you, you can click the Arrow-Down icon which is on the big green CODE button, and then choose to download a zip file.

“To the extent possible under law, Ineffable Performativity has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to
The C# program ParseClarityElectionDataForOaklandCountyMI.cs and resultant outputs.
This work is published from: United States.”

This work is offered as per license:

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