With 196 Countries in the world, America has been the only country in the world that every non-American wants to come to, to live in the United States of America and attend America’s Universities for study.

In our lifetime, we have never witnessed such fraud and deception. Everyone on the left wants to blame the 45th President for being a Racist, Nazi, a narcissist and a bully. He was called all the names in the book. But we watched with our very own eyes a movement that was starting, and it did not just start but it grew and continues to grow bigger and bigger.

Trump Supporters come from every culture and every race, children, grandmothers, grandfathers, women, blacks, gays, Christians and the circle gets larger and larger by the moment.

Then November 3, 2020 came, President Trump is not a prophet but was told he is a Cyrus, he is a David, he is the chosen one. He announced earlier in the year that the election would be stolen. Many thought he is mad, and he is losing his mind. But today, November 19, we are still counting the votes, we have witnessed the fraud. We have seen Data Scientists to Engineers writing their own algorithms showing that America Fake News and Media have adapted socialist and Marxist behavior showing the lowest common denominator. They are acting as in a third world country because this type of Fraud was done in Venezuela and many other 3rd world countries.

We have seen that Joe Biden is a 77 year old man who has been in politics for 47 years who has been part of the swamp and has sold America out while no one was looking. He almost got away with this because he is Joe Biden.

But thank God for President Trump. He has put the best Legal team together with Rudy Giuliani and Sydney Powell. Rudy is bringing great facts and is doing an amazing job exposing the Fraud in Our Country. God gets the Glory for the honest hard-working lawyers and Americans who love our Country and are working behind the scenes to prove this Fraud in our Country.

By Synthesis: CassowaryVersion based on new map by: Lokal_Profil – Vector map from Blank US Map.svg by User:Theshibboleth et.al.Info from: File:States upper house political majority.png by Zscout370 et.al., CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=7494400

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