Veteran Republican strategist Ed Rollins shared that the American people made a “glorious” choice when they elected Donald J Trump to the presidency. This is the greatest upset in the history of American politics.
Ed Rollins is co-chairman of the pro-Trump Great America PAC and was the national campaign director for Ronald Reagan in 1984. Ed Rollins is rejoicing knowing that today is a new day in American History.
“Trump’s audience kept on getting bigger and bigger and it became a crusade in which basically Americans took back their government,” Rollins said. “I’m an old man. I’m 73 years old, and the joy I have in my heart because I’ve always felt that the Establishment — even though I’ve spent 25 years in Washington and gotten a top job in Washington — I never felt the Establishment got the country. And it is our democracy. It is our government. And I think it’s just fascinating to me that this guy could do it and go out there and turn these people on.”
“I feel so good today about America,” Rollins added. “And I feel Americans out there are going to feel good about themselves.”

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