Today, Tuesday, June 24th, 2020, my husband and I stopped over at Sprouts to picked up a few exotic items for my upcoming speech.

While we were on one of the isles a young Caucasian woman said to me as she was looking me straight in the eyes, “How could you wear that mask?” I did not know exactly what she meant so I said, I am a strong Trump Supporter and I have worn my uniform and hat everywhere for the last four years. My husband Glenn asked, “Would you like one of our Trump cards?” She said, “Absolutely not!” So that is when I realized she was not a Trump Supporter. She began to yell at me saying how can you, how can you, you are black. So, I said how do you know I am black. I have family with blue eyes.

She began to tell me President Trump is a murderer and he murders people. So, I responded if he is a murderer then we all are guilty because we are Strong Trump Supporters. Of course, she did not like my answer and got more upset.

She shook her head and walked away. So, I decided to keep focused and get out of the store as quickly as we can. Then when I got into our car, she was standing in front of me with her middle figure pointed up in the air saying, “Do you know who I am? I am a Psychiatrist and one day someone will get you, because I you are not listening. She continued to yell even louder, saying that she prays to Allah.

Well at that moment, I continued to sit in my car with a smile on my face. My husband was telling me to keep driving, but she was at the side of the car, so I just sat in the car praying under my breath with a smile. I could not believe what was happening. I did not want Glenn to get upset and this Ugly Women with a nose ring in her nose yelling at me that I did not know, and I did not understand as she continued to threaten me. I finally decided now is the time to drive off and we are living in such times that the only person that can help us is God who Has Blessed the United States of America.

It is obvious we need more prayers and that the young millennials and people are not just mental, but they are confused. Everyone is blaming President Trump for everything. I believe it will continue to get worse rather than better. We have lots of young people who are being paid now to harass Good American people and Trump supporters who support our wonderful President. We must stay strong and brave.

To end our day on a better note, we ran into two different people at Home Depot. One was a Black Man who is a Cowboy from Texas who came up to me and said he is a Trump Supporter and thanked us for wearing our Trump Mask.

Another wonderful Trump Supporter woman came up to ask us where did we get our masks from?

Thank you, Trump Supporters and Conservatives for reading this article, I could not wait to get it out. I am so ready to have my radio show and YouTube channel up and running as we support President Trump.

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