We all love to hear a good story.
This morning on my run to San Diego beach, I ran into a homeless man. I did not know he was homeless because he looked very normal. His hair was combed, he had a smile on his face and he was a good looking man.
Of course I was wearing my Trump uniform, my hat and everything red. So he was upset, he began asking why I am supporting President Trump. He began to say how can you? How can you? That moment my aha happened. I came to realize our American people are lost in a system that warps them, through corruption, drugs, robbing, lying and loss of integrity.

As he began to say negative things about our President, I decided to share my story with him. At that moment, he became more interested and I then asked if I could pray with him. He then continued to share that his Mother took all his money and he asked if I know anyone who is on drugs. His message was for us not to give up on those individuals. I asked him what I could do for him and he asked me to get him two soft tacos. I was so delighted to do that.

On my way back from getting the tacos, I saw two women smiling at me, so I stopped and they all said, “We have never seen anyone wearing the Trump outfit”. So I said, I am a proud Trump Grassroots supporter doing the Lord’s work.

They were visiting from Sacramento, and it was such joy and clarification that we who are Trump Supporters are doing the right thing outside even if it is not popular.

My message is do not give up. President Trump is here to stay. Praise the Lord.