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This graph is the first of many analyses that I hope will help President Donald J Trump win the legal battles and the 2020 Presidential election that is rightfully his.

See where I have marked the plot location of BUCKS COUNTY PENNSYLVANIA?

In Bucks County PA, Joe Biden received 9.5% MORE votes than the democrat running for Congress in that county;

Meanwhile, Our beloved and maligned President Donald J Trump received 9.5% FEWER votes than the republican running for Congress in that county;

Those two symmetrical shifts of +/-9.5% appear to me to be more than a little suspicious.

Those two shifts together mean that 75,000 votes in Bucks County PA were taken from Trump and given to Biden.

$StopTheSteal !

The program is Open Source, and is available here:

In that GitHub repository are the C# program file, and also the input data, the output PNG image shown above, and other outputs of CSV and LOG.

If GitHub is new to you, you just have to click the Arrow-Down which is on the big green CODE button, and then choose to download a zip file.

“To the extent possible under law, Ineffable Performativity has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to
The C# program Parse19TextsElectionDataForStateOfPennsylvania.cs and resultant outputs.
This work is published from: United States.”

This work is offered as per license: http://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/


For Contrast, a Fair Election:

Because it was easy to tweak my program for any location that used the “Clarity Election Night Reporting (ENR)” system, and made available the XML data file, I downloaded the XML data-set from the South Carolina Secretary of State website, and plotted it, and I find that the South Carolina election is the poster child of fair: The RED and BLUE lines representing Trump and Biden in the POTUS race lay alongside all the RED and BLUE areas representing the down-ballot Republican and Democrat votes, averaging the US Senate and US House races.

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